Crusader Kings II: Conclave Launch Trailer Released

Posted on February 2, 2016 by
Crusader Kings II: Conclave Launch Trailer Released

Paradox Interactive has recently released a launch trailer for the recently released "Conclave" expansion for their strategy game Crusader Kings II.

The "Conclave" expansion adds several more strategic elements to Crusader Kings II. Sovereigns now have a council of advisors, made up of powerful noblemen that demand a say in how to rule the realm, regardless of their own competence. Players will have to be careful with how they deal with their council, balancing councilor skills and powers to keep the realm strong. If the councilors are not happy with the monarch, they may form their own factions and attempt to take the throne through civil war.

The expansion will also include:

  • New realm laws that will affect the future and culture of the country.

  • The ability to fine tune how much money or gold you expect from vassals.

  • A new diplomatic system that returns royal marriage to the center of medieval politics.

  • Changes to the military system, such as the ability to rent out soldiers as mercenaries.

Paradox Interactive is also releasing a Crusader Kings II: Conclave Content Pack. This content pack includes new world wonders, new portraits for some nations, and some new unit designs. The content pack is sold separately from the expansion pack.