Could Sega Be Working on Sonic Adventure 3?

Posted on July 26, 2012 by
Could Sega Be Working on Sonic Adventure 3?

Various domain names have recently been spotted that are creating rumours suggesting that Sega may be working on a new title in the Sonic Adventure sub-series, following Sonic Adventure 2 which was released over a decade ago.

Sonic fan site, TSSZ News, has recently uncovered a list of eight registered domain names that could mean Sonic Adventure 3 is in development, however, it could of course mean nothing as well.

Recently, Sega announced that a HD rerelease of Sonic Adventure 2 will be coming sometime before the year is out. This could coincide quite nicely with a new Sonic Adventure announcement and could work as a refresher for those who originally experienced the 3D platforming adventure when it was first released for the Dreamcast in 2001.

Source: TSSZ News