Corrin and Bayonetta Arrive on Super Smash Bros.

Posted on December 15, 2015 by
Corrin and Bayonetta Arrive on Super Smash Bros.

The December 15 Nintendo Direct has recently given fans several pieces of Super Smash Bros. news. Two of the biggest pieces are the arrival of two new characters: Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates and Bayonetta from the Bayonetta games.

Corrin is the customizable protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates, the child of the queen of Hoshido but abducted by the king of Nohr. Corrin yields the Yato blade in combat but also makes use of a special ability: the power to take on dragon form. Corrin can either fully shapeshift into dragon form, or only change parts of their body, such as turning their arms into jaws or their feet into sharp spikes. Corrin will be available sometime in February 2016.

Bayonetta is the winner of the Smash Ballot. She has some unique mechanics to her character, such as the ability to slow down time, the ability to shoot her four guns in the middle of attacks, and a Final Smash that involves attacking opponents to fill out a Climax Gauge before summoning the mighty Gomorrah to tear through foes. She also has a long taunt that can be canceled any time in the middle. She will also be available sometime in February 2016.

Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, originally announced in the November Nintendo Direct, will be released later today. Those who purchase Cloud will also get the Midgar stage, a place where Summons from the Final Fantasy franchise wreak havoc. Players can grab summon materia that appear on the stage to call upon these summons.

Finally, several Mii Fighter costumes will be released as well. These costumes include Geno from Super Mario RPG, Chocobos from the Final Fantasy franchise, Tails and Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, and more.