"Conquer the Galaxy" Update for Rogue Continuum Launched

Posted on December 2, 2015 by

Developer Rocktastic Games and indie label Surprise Attack Games have recently launched the "Conquer the Galaxy" update for their early access co-operative planet crawler Rogue Continuum. This update doubles the size of the game.

Conquest Mode is now in the game, and adds multiple single-level challenges for each planet. These levels focus on hero defense style gameplay, pitting players against multiple waves of enemies that grow in power. Players will need to defend their bases while also trying to take down the opposing bases.

The update also adds new weapons for all four playable characters. Rampage Rufus gets the flamethrower, Destructobot gets lasers and a cannonball gun, Smackdown Sam gets a rapid fire machine gun and a grenade launcher, and Ownage Olga gets a laser rifle and the No-Scope sniper rifle.

Rogue Continuum has been in early access since September 2015 and will see a full PC launch some time in 2016. Players should also expect a new update that adds online multiplayer support, with the release date being some time in mid-December.