Conquer Online Scales to iPhone

Posted on October 9, 2012 by
Conquer Online Scales to iPhone

Last year, NetDragon Websoft brought Conquer Online to iOS devices. There have been over 400,000 downloads so far since it became available on the App Store.

Chi System
Unlike other equipment systems, Chi unleashes your power from the inside. Chi power is locked by 4 inner gates: the Dragon Gate, Phoenix Gate, Tiger Gate and Turtle Gate. Unlocking these will grant you additional attributes that provide you with incredible powers!

New Skills & Weapon
The Warriors will receive two newly designed, powerful defensive skills, Defensive Stance and Magic Defender, which make their defense increase dramatically! In the meantime, Ninjas will get a new weapon, Scythe, and 3 new skills, with which the Ninjas will become the true king of the assassin.