Castaway Paradise Released on Steam

Posted on May 19, 2015 by
Castaway Paradise Released on Steam

Stolen Couch Games has recently released their latest game Castaway Paradise on Steam.

Castaway Paradise is a life simulator game that takes inspiration from the Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing franchises. Players can enjoy life on their very own tropical island, and there are many things for them to do. The island can be customized with various items, contains numerous bugs for players to catch, a variety of fishes and seashells to collect, a wide range of plants to cultivate, many villagers to interact with, and much more.

Stolen Couch Games has also announced that players will receive exclusive DLC packs for free during the launch month. As the year goes on, players can expect to receive several free items. For instance, players can enjoy seasonal packs with themes such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Stolen Couch Games would also like to assure players that, as a premium game, Castaway Paradise will contain no microtransactions.

Castaway Paradise is currently on Steam with a 10% discount.