Calvino Noir Now Available on PlayStation 4, Steam, and iOS.

Posted on August 28, 2015 by
Calvino Noir Now Available on PlayStation 4, Steam, and iOS.

Calvin Noir Limited, an indie micro games studio has launched its first title, Calvino Noir. This mysterious stealth game, inspired by the classics of film noir, takes players on an unforgettable journey through the underworld of 1930's Europe.

With a stylistic side-scrolling gameplay, a dark and foreboding visual style presented in shades of grey, and multiple paths and characters to explore, Calvino Noir creates a striking film noir atmosphere that transports players to a world on the verge of revolution.

As the brainchild of game director Dan Walters, Calvino Noir has architectural designs that are authentic to the era which provides thoughtful and exhilarating gameplay moments. Along with this, the stealth mechanics of the game allow for multiple playable characters, each with a unique twist on how problems are solved. Similarly, the puzzles often have multiple solutions so exploration is a necessity for outsmarting the enemy. And with seven levels spread across three distinct acts, the more sinister, overarching story at play comes to reveal itself.

Calvin Noir is available worldwide on PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store and on PC via Steam for $24.49. The game is also available in three acts for iOS devices for $3.99 per act.