Brawl Busters Beta Preview

Posted on September 6, 2011 by
Brawl Busters Beta Preview

Article by Dustin Hill.

What is Brawl Busters?

Brawl Busters is the newest offering from RockHippo studios; a free to play, arena-style fighter featuring interactive environments and a fair amount of character customization. After participating in the beta for several hours, heres a preview of the action.

The first thing you might notice when loading up Brawl Busters (after downloading their free client) is that the music is heavy, the graphics are good and the animation is impressive. When first choosing your character, you have an assorted amount of mix and match presets that allow you to make a different enough Buster character. From here you can choose one of five classes that each have their own advantages as far as range, health, speed and attack power. Teams on Brawl Busters are much stronger with a mixture of the five classes, some for support and some for attack and some just to pick up the slack if the enemy team is particularly nasty.

During the combat that takes place across several levels, interactive points within the environment can provide you with boosts to attack power, health and defense while also giving you items to use on the battlefield like bombs and immobilizing Jelly. Teamwork is rewarded on fairly large levels and combat takes place in one of three different game modes. Then there is Zombie Survival where your team works together to fend off waves of ever increasingly difficult zombies. Standard deathmatch where you run around and kill folks, single player that works as a tutorial for those who need some extra practice and as an arena to play Brawl Busters without the stress of multiplayer. Finally perhaps the best mode is Glow, a deathmatch tug of war where each team competes to get glow that drops from defeated enemies. Your team gains points from kills and the opposing team loses glow, the team able to get the equivalent of several kills in a row wins the match.

After the battle win or lose you gain experience and Buster Points, earned in-game currency. Buster Points can be used to Rent upgrades to your character. Some upgrades increase the attack and defense of your character and some are merely cosmetic. After purchasing these upgrades, they are only able to be used for a few days before they must, again, be purchased using Buster Points. So if you want to keep that gnarly helmet and spikey gloves you have to continually play.
Brawl Busters features lower than normal system requirements, roughly half that of your average PC game, so you dont have to have the shiniest, best setup to enjoy what is actually a pretty good looking and sounding game.

With multiplayer having intense moments of grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat, good character customization and fun combat, Brawl Busters is certainly a game to pay attention to especially if you like free to play online games!