Bloodline Champions enters Open Beta

Posted on December 16, 2010 by
Bloodline Champions enters Open Beta

The open beta for Bloodline Champions has begun. Bloodline Champions will launch in mid-January 2011.
New improvements:
- Holiday gift: Everyone logging into the game between now and December 24th will receive a unique skin for their thorn bloodline.
- Four new bloodlines now launched: The Blood Priest, Stalker, Guardian and Seeker.
- Updated render engine for high-end systems.
- Several updates to the core game: Optimizations, new team and victory displays at the beginning and end of combat.
- New capture the artifact map released.
- Bloodcoin generation is now in effect.
- Rotation is in effect.
- In-game VOIP now active.
- Stats reset: All stats and ladders have reset.
- Servers are now open 24/7.
- Open Beta: There are no more need for special keys as the game is now open to anyone.

There are two editions of the game available now: the "Champion Edition" and the "Titan Edition".
The "Champion Edition" has an optional "Bloodlust Upgrade" that includes the four bloodlines that were just released.

Preorder Bloodline Champions Here.