"Blood Knights" Introduces Jeremy the Hunter

Posted on August 27, 2012 by

dtp Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive have recently released a new trailer for Blood Knights. The focus of this trailer is Jeremy, a vampire hunter who ends up becoming one himself.

Blood Knights is a hack-and-slash game for the PC and consoles. It tells of an ancient war between the vampires and humans. Jeremy, a vampire hunter turned vampire, is bonded to a female vampire by the name of Alysa. The two unlikely allies must work together to save the world, slashing through anything that stands in their way, no matter how frightening it is.

The game will feature several levels and unique challenges; players will control both Alysa and Jeremy to tackle these challenges. Numerous enemies, traps, and bosses that all require a different strategy to combat will stand in the two protagonists’ way. However, the rewards are great for those who do not fear the odds and fight to the very end.

Blood Knights will be released sometime in Q3 2012.