Beat Booster Launches for PC with Motion Control Capabilities

Posted on October 21, 2013 by
Beat Booster Launches for PC with Motion Control Capabilities

Extreme Reality, the only company to bring full-body motion analysis and control via a device’s native or peripheral camera, and interactive game developer studio Current Circus, today announced the re-launch of the racing game Beat Booster. The game, originally developed for exclusive use with leading motion gaming platforms, now enables players to enjoy the same full-body motion controlled experience on any Windows 8 device. Using nothing more than a device’s native camera or webcam, players no longer have to own a gaming console to enjoy the game’s motionized experience.

“Integrating Extreme Reality’s SDK gave us the ability to open Beat Booster to a new audience of non-console users,” said Yossi Landesrocha, the CEO and Creative Director of Current Circus. “ Now the game can be easily downloaded and played on the devices people already own, such as their laptops or tablets.”

Beat Booster is fast-paced racing game where players use full-body motion to control the avatar as they steer through exotic environments, pickup energetic power and navigate through 15 racing tracks that feature volcanoes, canyons, tropical forests and dark caves. Without relying on a traditional, hand-held controller, players are launched into an adrenaline-pumping aerial course filled with stimulating obstacles and challenges as they fight off opponents with sonic weapons and collect much-needed energy along the way to boost ahead of the pack.

“Current Circus has shown how easy it is for developers to convert their motion controlled console games to a much wider audience of PC and tablet users,” said Sarit Firon, CEO of Extreme Reality. “Motion control games no longer have to be restricted by hardware and can be played anywhere.”

Beat Booster is now available to download in the Windows 8 Store for Windows 8 laptops, desktops, tablets or All in Ones, playing either with the native camera or an external camera.