Are you ready to Go Berserk?

Posted on July 7, 2015 by
Are you ready to Go Berserk?

TERA, the most played MMORPG on Steam, brings new dungeons, Gridiron PvP battleground, and Berserker tank skills with its latest update! En Masse Entertainment has announced the Go Berserk update which will allow players to protect their party as a berserker-class tank with an array of new level-65 tanking skills.

The key for successful berseker tanking is the new Intimidation skill which, when active, draws the attention of the enemies around the berserker causing attack aggro to increase while reducing critical hits. And if that wasn't enough, Intimidation also alters Axe Block, Flatten, Staggering Strike, Fiery Rage, Raze and Unchained Anger, adding new effects that increase threat, decrease damage, and restore HP!

This update also has players looking forward to Gridiron, an all new 15v15 battleground. Here, two teams enter and everybody dies! A lot! Players are dropped into the middle of an enormous, open factory floor with only one rule - kill as many members of the opposing team as possible in ten minutes.

And if Berserker tanking skills and team death-matches aren't appealing enough already, the Go Berserk update will also have dungeons abound! There will be the all new 5-player dungeon, Timescape, a 10-player raid dungeon called Akeron's Inferno, and an updated return of the 5-player dungeon, The Vault of Kaprima. Player will also be introduced to new Tier 7 gear and a new dressing-room feature which will allow for previewing cosmetic items for any race or class.

So if you haven't already, head over to Steam to download TERA for free and check out to learn more about the new berserker class skills and stay up to date on new content coming to TERA.