Ar nosurge for PlayStation Vita Gets New Trailer

Posted on June 17, 2015 by
Ar nosurge for PlayStation Vita Gets New Trailer

Koei Tecmo has recently released a new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation Vita port for the PlayStation 3 game Ar nosurge.

Ar nosurge is a fantasy sci-fi adventure taking place in a world where music and song can be used to make magic. Players will follow two sets of characters: Casty and Delta as the first set, and Earthes and Ion as the second. Casty and Delta are searching for a song called Ciel N Protecta, but finds themselves dealing with a plot to create a very dangerous type of Song Magic. Earthes and Ion, on the other hand, are trying to escape from a sealed world and find their way back home to Earth. Players can change between pairs and discover ways to combine their storylines so that the mysteries of the world are revealed and solved.

The PlayStation Vita port will come with several new features. All four player characters will have new costumes, some of which are gained after finishing the game. Players can also interact with three new characters during Purification: Sarly, Nelo, and Shurelia; each one will have fifty Purification events, totaling up to 150 new events. Some DLC, like the Geno Pack and Purification Expansion Pack, will come pre-loaded into the PlayStation Vita port. Finally, the port will have improved tutorials, a Synthesis Shop event menu, and many more improvements.

The PlayStation Vita port of Ar nosurge will be released in North America on July 2, 2015, and in Europe on July 1, 2015.