Anna: Extended Edition Released

Posted on April 12, 2013 by
Anna: Extended Edition Released

Kaylpso Media has recently announced that an updated version of their horror title Anna, called Anna: Extended Edition, has been released.

Anna is a game of psychological horror that takes place within an abandoned sawmill in the Italian mountains. Players are tasked with exploring the area and uncovering clues that hint at a past filled with dark secrets. Player actions not only determine their character’s mental health but also cause the environment to change as well as unlock new secrets. Depending on what the player does, the ending of this story will change, providing up to eight different outcomes.

The extended edition of this game will come with several updates. This includes updated graphics, new environments to explore and new puzzles to solve, a new interface and some new music, and a new in-game character known as the Wife Doll. Some extras included along with the game include a poster with an alternate cover artwork, a complete soundtrack, and an art book.

Those that have bought Anna online can also download the extended edition for free.