Alteil: Horizons KickStarter Campaign

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Jason Leyanna
Alteil: Horizons KickStarter Campaign

Apocoplay has announced the launch of a KickStarter campaign for Alteil: Horizons.

Ten years in the making, Alteil: Horizons’ development team is comprised of a powerhouse of genre specific pros, which includes collectible card game veterans and a writer from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. The stunning visuals of the game come at the hands of world-renowned artists, Katsuya Terada (Legend of Zelda), Yuji Kaida (Transformers), Shunya Yamashita (Final Fantasy X), and Hitoshi Yoneda (Secret of Mana).

“When I first encountered the original Alteil years ago I instantly fell in love with its complexity and storyline,” Said Sean Molyneaux, Project Lead for Alteil and COO for Apocoplay. “When the rights to the franchise became available, I jumped at the chance to make Alteil the flagship of an entirely new and immersive way to experience card based games.”

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