All Your Creeps XBLA Game Announced

Posted on May 5, 2011 by
All Your Creeps XBLA Game Announced

Red Button Games has announced their next title, "All Your Creeps", due on Xbox LIVE Indie Games in June. Up to 4 players on one Xbox 360 can take the side of Soviet Russia or the USA in a cold war-era standoff on Russia's soil. The USSR is about to reach space - can the Soviet forces defend the launch pad long enough to hold off the invaders, or will America prevent this event and win the space race?

Players choose which team they want to play on, without worrying about an unfair balance. If you have four players, you can have one versus three, two versus two, or have all four play against the computer player. Players choose from a variety of towers and creeps to use that have strengths and weaknesses. Are the Soviets destroying you with their laser turrets? Toss the bulkiest creep you can. There's an opening between towers that leads right to the launch pad? That's a job for the fastest option on the team.

"All Your Creeps" is now in playtest on the AppHub forums. Any AppHub member can download the newest build and get a preview for what's coming in June.

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