Agatha Christie: ABC Murders Launch Date and New Assets Revealed

Posted on December 10, 2015 by
Agatha Christie: ABC Murders Launch Date and New Assets Revealed

A mysterious letter from a certain "A.B.C" is sent to the famous detective announcing a murder which is about to be committed. Even more worrying is the disconcerting confidence of the serial killer, who does not hesitate to mock the police forces and question Hercule Poirot's intelligence!

The chase will lead players around England for an investigation against the clock in which it will be necessary to be observant, quick-witted and level-headed.

This last video from the creators of the game tells us more about the personality and the unique style of Agatha Christie's famous detective. Several prestigious actors, including Peter Ustinov ("Death on the Nile", "Spartacus") and Albert Finney ("Murder on the Orient Express") have played the role of the Belgian detective. But it was David Suchet who became the hero of "Agatha Christie's Poirot", the British series that was broadcast worldwide from 1989, and who really made a mark on everyone's mind. This actor's performance has inspired the pixelized Hercule Poirot in "Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders".

The posture and facial expression of this quite small and potbellied, yet gifted, mustachioed detective have been included in the game. A bit dandy and sometimes almost arrogant, he comes to life thanks to the graphic designers assisted by a French cartoonist.

At any time, the players can switch between French and English dubbing. This allows the players to enjoy all thelanguage tricks slipped into the dialogues to remind them of the non-British origins of the investigator. In the original version, some French "mon ami" or "voyez-vous?" can be heard in the dialogues.

"Agatha Christie â€" The ABC Murders" adventure game is due to be released Febuary 4th, 2016 in Europe and the 23rd in the U.S. on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. It is dubbed in English and French and subtitled in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Russian.