Advent of "Lucius"

Posted on October 26, 2012 by
Advent of

Developer Shiver Games and publisher Lace Mamba Global has recently announced the release of Lucius on digital platforms such as Steam and online retailers such as Amazon.

In Lucius, the players take control of a child who is the son of the Devil. On his sixth birthday, he is contacted by his infernal father and told that he will be the one to usher in an age of evil. Before he can do that though, he will need to make use of his power and kill everyone in the manor he lives in to make his family’s wealth and power his alone.

Players will accomplish Lucius’s descent into evil by making use of several powers including mind control and telekinesis. Little by little he will whittle away the population of Dante’s Manor until only he stands, ready to claim its wealth and power for the sake of furthering the Devil’s agenda.