A 'Pushmo' Sequel Is Coming

Posted on October 5, 2012 by
A 'Pushmo' Sequel Is Coming

The 3DS has had its fair share of great downloadable titles, but no other game has given such a surprising and addictive experience like 'Pushmo' ('Pullblox' for those in Europe and Australia).

A sequel titled 'Crashmo' ('Fallblox,' again, for those in Europe and Australia) will be releasing on November 22 this year and will allow players new ways to solve each puzzle. 'Crashmo' will now allow players to pull or push blocks in any direction, effectively allowing blocks to fall down thanks to a hefty dose of gravity.

'Pushmo' has been one of the most unique Nintendo eShop titles so far and has proved that Nintendo knows how to develop a great new IP ('Pushmo' was developed by 'Intelligent Systems,' an external team of Nintendo Co., Ltd.).

Source: Joystiq