A New Trailer for Stained

Posted on July 30, 2012 by
A New Trailer for Stained

Indie game developer RealAxis Software has recently launched a gameplay trailer for their new game Stained for the PC.

The setting is an old castle housing a powerful supernatural force that reacts badly to assault; should anything in the castle that this force deems precious, such as its stained glass windows, be broken, the castle will bring the shards of the windows to life and transform them into monsters with only one purpose: to kill the intruder.

The player character is a mysterious figure robed in black and wielding a scythe. While the motivations and goals of the player is unknown at the beginning, delving deeper into the castle will begin shedding light on the history of the castle and help the character discover a hidden chamber in the castle said to contain an invaluable secret.

Stained still has no known release date.