A Chance to be Evil in Impire

Posted on July 27, 2012 by
A Chance to be Evil in Impire

Paradox Interactive has announced that it plans to release a new strategy game for the PC called Impire. This game will not only challenge the thinking power of players, but it will allow them to play on the side of evil.

Impire is about an imp who is really the fearsome Baal-Abaddon, a demon lord from the Bottomless Pit. He ends up trapped in the body of an imp when summoned by an incompetent sorcerer. Now, he must find a way to rebuild his body and construct a dungeon that will not only serve as the new seat of his power but also be able to confound and take out any do-gooders who would attempt to stand in his way.

The game will have numerous features such as user-designed dungeons filled with deathtraps, all kinds of minions that can be leveled-up, a customizable deck of magic item cards that can be altered to fit a player’s favorite playing style, and the ability to play solo or in multiplayer.

Impire is estimated to be released in Q1 of 2013.