99 Spirits Launches on Steam

Posted on November 18, 2013 by
99 Spirits Launches on Steam

“We’ve spent most of the time after our Greenlight announcement working on the Steam achievements in particular. We have some big achievement enthusiasts among us. Since 99 Spirits is a complex game, it’s our hope the achievements will let people naturally discover new angles and enjoy all aspects of the game.” says Jakke Elonen, Project Lead.

99 Spirits is available for $14.99. In addition, a special “Artbook & Music Collection” bundle containing a 60-page digital Artbook with original commentary by the creator, and a 17-track Music Collection for the game, can be purchased for $14.99.

To commemorate the release, 99 Spirits is further made available in a Steam Special Edition that includes the game 99 Spirits, Artbook, Music Collection, plus the original Japanese version, Tsukumogami, priced at $24.99.

“After the IndieGoGo project in May we found ourselves with all these great materials we want to get into people’s hands. These new packages we’re offering provided a good way to do so.” comments Ozhan Sen, Fruitbat Factory’s Marketing Lead.