"99 Spirits" Coming to U.S.

Posted on October 29, 2012 by

Independent game localization team Fruitbat Factory has announced that they will be localizing 99 Spirits for an early 2013 release.

99 Spirits is an RPG by Japanese indie company TORaIKI. The story focuses on a girl named Hanabusa living in Heian period Japan. Her mother is killed by evil spirits and, after meeting a white fox who serves a mountain god, obtains a special sword that allows her to see the true forms of the evil spirits and allows her to slay them. However, things become complicated when a spirit claiming to be her father breaks her sword and leaves her powerless…

99 Spirits features over 10 hours of playtime with puzzle-solving and fast-paced action, 40 unique characters that can be interacted with, over a 100 monsters and a great number of skills used to defeat them, and magnificent art and music to bring Heian Japan to life.

99 Spirits will be released for the PC.