acttil Interview

With Nao Miyazawa

Who thought of the name of the company? and what inspired it? when did you decide to start the company?
- The three of us-Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi, and myself-came up with the name together. We wanted to remind ourselves what we believe to be most important when operating a business as a team. It was really easy to decide on the six words because we have similar values. The hardest part was scrambling the first letters of each word until we came up with a good acronym. We are very pleased with what we decided on! We have been talking about doing something together for a while, and it was earlier this year when we finally decided to act on it. It was definitely one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make, because it would have been much easier and more stable to stay with an already established company like NIS America. With our new company, there is no guaranteed salary for us until we succeed, but I absolutely do not regret my decision.

Could you tell me a little about the design choice for your logo and who came up with it? (What do the curved edges signify?)
- We wanted to make our logo round, making it easy to read and easy on the eyes. As our resident graphic designer, Hiroko made some rough sketches of the logo first, and then we all talked about our ideas and preferences. After that, Hiroko created the final logo. We are very happy with it! Hiroko made the edges curved as a means to represent ourselves-approachable and believing in making positive connections with others. Jack and I really liked what she did, so it was unanimously decided to use that design.

What role will each of the three founders be in acttil? Could you tell a little about each of the founders (yourself included)?
- We haven't assigned each other any official titles or roles yet. But based on our past experiences and skills, we have an idea of what we will each be in charge of. Let me briefly talk about who the three of us are. Jack Niida is the former producer for NIS America. He will take on the role of producer/localization director. Hiroko Kanazashi is the former production department vice president for NIS America. She will be in charge of all packaging, advertisements, logos...everything involving a design. As for me, Nao Miyazawa, I will be in charge of marketing and PR for our products. The three of us will be handling all company-related matters because there are only three of us here at acttil!

Do you have any preference on what video game platforms to work with?
- We would love to work with several platforms, like the PC, Ouya, mobile devices, and all the consoles that support digital content.

Do you plan to work on the next generation PlayStation and/or Xbox?
- Oh wow, we wish! I'm not afraid to admit that we don't have enough funds to license a next-gen title. But yeah, for sure, we would love to work with the next-gen systems in the future!

Do you plan on doing mobile development?
- We definitely hope to try! We know a few developers that can make games for mobile devices. We don't have any plans or a set schedule, but we are toying with the idea of doing something like that together.

Besides video games, what other types of projects will you be considering? Is anime a consideration?
- We will be working on eBooks publishing, which we are pretty excited about. As for anime, we don't have any plans to publish anime titles in North America at the moment. We would be excited to help others with the marketing and/or production side of it, though!

If you worked on anime, would you likely have a steaming component?
- I will skip this question.

Do you have any developers in mind to work with you?
- Hmmmm... We cannot talk about that just yet.

Are there job openings at this time?
- We have received plenty of resumes since we announced the establishment of acttil. And we are really happy that people want to work with us! Unfortunately, we cannot offer any positions at this time.

Unrelated to the company, personally, what video game do you most wish was localized for North America?
- This is a weird one, but I would say...Vib-Ribbon! It was released in Japan and Europe, but it never got published in the US. It looks like it wouldn't need much in terms of localization, and I really like the quirky music and voices, and the simple-yet-addictive gameplay.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
- Sure! Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to talk about acttil. We are truly blessed to have received so much positive support from those around us. It motivates and encourages us to work even harder so we can make what we intend to do a success and make people happy!

We look forward to future announcements from acttil!