X-Arcade Interview

Jeremy Kopchak of XGaming, Inc. - Interview

Q: What do you do?
A: A little of everything for the company, which is normal in an up and coming company like ours.
Marketing, R&D, Tech Support, etc.

Q: Could you tell us more about the X-Arcade?
A: The X-Arcade is the ultimate arcade controller made of all real arcade parts also made by us.
It works on a PC/MAC, and all next-gen game consoles.
It is sold world-wide, and has a Lifetime Warranty which is unheard of, for a game controller.

Q: I hear that you went to E3 this year. Could you give a little insight about that?
A: E3 was great fun as always, many new titles that look promising. Many of these will be great for the X-Arcade as well.
DOA Online, a new Mortal Kombat, etc.
Microsoft also unveiled to a small extent XBOX Live! Arcade.

Q: Which company in your opinion had the best showing?
A: Playing the classics over the internet on your XBOX with the X-Arcade will be amazing!

Q: What game would you say was the best overall?
A: That is hard to say, I give game of the show to Resident Evil 4 without thinking about it.
Microsoft had the best showing between the 3 major companies in my opinion.
And of course the new Phantom was there to a small extent.
This has some promising ideas, if they come to light will be great.

Phantom Video Game Console

Q: what was your impression about the Phantom?
A: It was likely just a mock-up sample to show what it "could" be like, but what they showed at the time was really just a P4 PC.
The idea behind it with downloadable game rentals and purchases is great though.
No doubt the big contenders, Microsoft especially, are looking to do the same.

Mortal Kombat Deception Screenshot

Q: How are Mortal Kombat: Deception coming along?
A: MK Deception looks way too similar to DA currently.
This was a beta or alpha version of course, so it may mean nothing in the long run.
As far as I could tell, it was the same control scheme with the same fight styles system.
It did have some great stages though, with some really cool stage fatalities.

Q: Did you get to see the mini-games in Deception?
A: Yes, the mini games were interesting.
Keeps things interesting.
A little Tetris-like game and a chess game.

Q: Good ol' Mortal Kombat lol
A: The fatalities on the little baby characters were cool also.
The new characters looked really good, some welcomed back characters like Nightwolf, Baraka, and Meleena.
Overall I have high hopes, as Deadly Alliance was a dissapointment to me.
[in Deadly Alliance] It went from several fatalities, stage fatalities, animalities, brutalities and all from MK3 (Trilogy rules!) to one fatalitiy per character sucked.
And the combos were just too difficult to enjoy.

Q: What about Dead or Alive: Online?
A: DOA was a movie, it should be fun though.

Q: Did any other games really stand out?
A: It sounds bad, but not too many.
There wer A LOT of sequals; JAK3, Ratchet and Clank 3, New Mortal Kombat, New Metal Gear Solid.
Not as many new titles that excited me.
Nintendo showed off a grown up Link in a new Zelda game, that was exctiting news, but nothing was playable.

Q: What are your thoughts about Sony and Nintendo as far as the Handhelds?
A: The Sony PSP looked great, no doubt, as did the Gameboy DS.
It is hard to say who the winner will be there, but both systems have promising features.
The DS has a dual-screen which in itself could have a million uses. but the bottom one is also a touchscreen which just blows it into infinity.
Game makers can include layouts that sit on the bottom screen for use with their game, which is really exciting.

Sony PSP Portable Model 1000

Q: As long as the developers use them correctly.
A: Agreed, and I think they will just because if how much fun and potential is there.
The Sony PSP however has it's own neat agenda.
Movie playback, MP3, PDA features, add-ons galore.
Seems like it will be a powerful system as well.
The DS will play all older Gameboy games to my understanding as well, which gives it a huge lauch title list to compete with.
Sony will no doubt have its exclusive titles.
I am hoping Nintendo does, because they have owned it for so long and have a proven track record.
I think Sony is way too gimicky, bandwagon jumpers delight.
It will be interesting to see who will reclaim the handheld market.

Q: Was there anything about the new consoles?
A: The Playstation 2 was a waste of hardware in my opinion. Great titles and a big name is all.
I don't think anyone wanted to hurt sales and spotlight of current systems to do more than mention new consoles.
So there is not much info yet really.
I personally don't see how there will be such a leap in technology to warrant new consoles so soon this time.
Graphics are near CGI quality as it is.
A few new polys and lighting effects won't break new ground of gameplay in my humble opinion.

Jeremy: Unreal Championship 2 on XBOX was amazing by the way.
It had some great new gameplay ideas there that were exciting.
You can fight with different special abilities, and crazy jumping stuff.

Q: Is there anything new coming relating to the X-Arcade?
A: The X-Arcade Trackball is coming close to completion.
That is exciting for MAME fans and golf game players alike.
Shortly afterwards the larger 2-player X-Arcade with the Trackball in it will be on the way.

Q: Is there any other new stuff in the works that you can hint at? :-P
A: I wish I could, but the competition would freak out. :-)
Q: Thank you again for your time, Jeremy.
A: You're welcome.