Women's Volleyball (PS2) Interview

We are Agetec, an independent company that develops, publishes, and distributes fun and unique digital entertainment content. In regards to Women's Volleyball, we found it in Japan, licensed it, and localize it here in the United States. The localization process involved changing all the Japanese text to English, dubbing over the voices, and other minor changes to the game.

What venues does the game feature?

There are six venues featured in the game. In the original Japanese version, the six venues were Yoyogi, Ariake, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo. In the US version, the six venues are Tokyo, Rome, Chicago, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Holland.

What features will make Women's Volleyball Championship 'the most accurate representation of the sport'?

The developer incorporated concepts such as quick hit, power serves, tandem attacks, and other real volleyball moves/tactics to make this title stand out from other volleyball games. They can be done in real life, so why not in a video game? Also, when it comes to serving, a player will have to think up a strategy to follow-through to make for the best possible outcome. You want to hit each serve in such a way that makes each and every one unpredictable. You'll create your own team and take them through various routines such as running, weight lifting, exercises, and other various warm ups. Keep them well trained but also beware that they can get injured!

What will fans of the sport enjoy most about the game?

They'll love that this game features realistic gameplay, easy to use controls, and results in hours and hours of fun.

Could you tell us about the level of customizability featured within the game and what players can do by creating and training their own team?

You can create your own player, set their position, and send them through a training regimen; not only can you decide what areas they excel in, but also experiment to see what workout routines get the best results. This is done by playing various cards that have different exercises on them. Training Cards can be purchased with Volleyball Points (VP). To earn more VP, play thru any modes and play as many matches as you can.

How does this compare to other volleyball games that have been on the market? (Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball for example)

Even though all of these games have to do with volleyball, they're really not in the same league. Women's Volleyball concentrates on being the most realistic volleyball game out there. You could say it's more about the volleyball than it is about the women.

What has been most rewarding about working with this title?

This title allowed us to work with both the developer and the Japanese publisher, which was a fantastic and enjoyable experience for this fun title.

Are there any plans of the game being released on any systems other than PlayStation 2? Not at this time.