Wolf Team Interview

Wolf Team Interview

Could you please introduce yourself for us?

My name is Melodie, known by the pseudonym of Valkyrie, and I've been with Aeria Games for over a year now. Currently I am working with the Release Team to launch our latest games.

What is the most exhilarating part of working on Wolf Team?

The most exhilarating as of yet would have to be the playtesting and seeing our changes being implemented. For us, it's a great sense of accomplishment when we have that undeniable visual confirmation of progress. However, with experience on previous games, nothing can compare to the first moment the servers are opened to the public.

How do you keep the game free to play?

As with other games at Aeria, the ability to keep a game Free to Play is supported through an in-game item mall.

What demographics is this game aimed at?

First Person Shooters (FPS) are typically aimed towards males in their teens and up. We believe Wolf Team is no exception, but we hope to see a wide variety of competitive players enjoying this game.

What special abilities do the werewolves have?

Each type of werewolf has its own unique talents and abilities. As players perform well they will accumulate points that allow them to choose an advanced type of werewolf. Among the more impressive abilities are invisibility and a volatile self-destruct power.

What is your favorite map to play? What other maps are available?

My personal favorite map is Arrival. It's very well suited to the Deathmatch mode, having ample cover, as well as areas that can be used to good advantage by both humans and wolves. While not a large map, it has areas ideal for sniping, for assault, and tons of opportunities for grenade strategy. There is a wide variety of maps available, taking place in cities, ruins, even a flying zeppelin.

What are the advantages/disadvantages to the human form vs. wolf form?

Wolves cannot use guns, only their own intrinsic abilities. This gives humans a large advantage over open terrain, especially since there are many weapons that will stun a charging wolf and slow their attacks. Wolves make much better close-combat soldiers, and sneak-tactics are well suited to their increased speed and agility. They are able to climb and run on walls, giving them unrivaled mobility.

What do you plan to do to deter forms of cheating?

We will be launching Beta with Game Guard installed, and plan on evaluating how this method performs. In addition, we will be relying on our team of GMs and volunteers to ensure fair play.

The game is set for Closed Beta in late June in North America. When do you expect it to be out of beta? Where else will the game eventually be released?

Yes, we plan to launch Closed Beta in mid to late June. In the future, we plan to also release a German client through the Aeria EU office.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are excited to add an FPS to our current game lineup.