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Wendy Braun Interview - Realm of Gaming

What was it like doing voice acting for Gianna Parasini in the Mass Effect series?

It was so much fun to play a sexy, snarky undercover agent in such a mind blowing gaming series. What people may not know is that when I recorded my role, it was just me, alone in a booth with a microphone, a music stand, a script & headphones. I work closely with the director to bring the vision to life, but I don't have any actors to play off of, so essentially, with voice-acting you have to bring a lot to the role. It's physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual. You have to really put yourself in the situation and the circumstances and feel and see it all in your imagination. That's what makes it such a fun journey.

What was your most fun part of about this particular job?

I think the most fun part is playing out the action scenes, where you get to do a whole fight scene and make all the sounds of attacking someone or getting punched. If anyone saw you doing this alone in a booth, they'd think you were a bit nuts, because you really have to go for it physically. I've actually punched myself in the gut to make sure I'm creating the most organic sound for the scene.

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Have you by chance gotten to play the games?

I've witnessed my husband play the games. He loves them and I can see why! It's always fun when my character appears. But right now, when I'm not working, I'm busy running after two boys under the age of 4, so it doesn't leave a lot of time for video game playing. I'm sure when they're older, they'll be excited to play.

What additional voices did you to for Dragon Age: Origins?

Well, according to, I did Hespith/Felsi/Filda/Lady Helmi/Brona/Sultry Dwarf Female/Blood Mage/Pearl Elf Female Companion/Orzammar Noble/Alienage Sick Elf/Tapster's Patron/Proving Fan/Dust Town Beggar/Dwarven Old Woman.
But honestly, when you do that many voices, it's really all a joyous blur.

How did you first get into voice acting for video games?

I had already been working for a while in my career-in tv, film, commercials and other areas of voice-over when the animation department of my VO agent's office sent me on a few auditions and Mass Effect was my first game. I had no idea that it would lead to working on all three installments of the series.

Are you currently working on any upcoming games? (If so, are they something that you can mention?)

Everything is a big secret these days, until it's on the shelves. ;-)

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Could you tell us briefly about some of your upcoming acting work that we can look out for?

I recently shot a fun recurring role in Rainn Wilson's hit web series, The Flipside. And you may have caught me recently guest-starring on The Mentalist, Bones & Criminal Minds. With over 50 TV & Film credits, it seems something I've been in is always in reruns at some point on television lately.

It is great to hear that you have a passion for helping to inspire and empower fellow actors and actresses. Could you tell us a little about

It's evolved over time, but my mission has always been to inspire other actors to believe in their dreams and also enjoy the journey. I create guided meditations for actors to help them turn audition anxiety into positive outcomes. I've had actors from London to Australia and NY to LA use my guided meditations and experience great results. It's an amazing feeling knowing that something I created is now uplifting actors all around the world. I love it!

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

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Thanks for taking the time to speak with us!

My pleasure!