Castlevania (Netflix) Soundtrack Interview

Trevor Morris Interview

Castlevania (Netflix) Soundtrack


Trevor Morris is an Emmy winning (The Tudors in 2007, The Borgias in 2011) composer with an amazing body of work including film, TV, and video games. His work in film includes London has Fallen (2016), Brick Mansions (2014), Olympus has Fallen (2013), Fire with Fire (2012), and Immortals (2011). Trevor Morris has also worked on TV series including Vikings, Iron Fist, The Tudors, The Borgias, Dracula, and Shadowhunters. He has worked on soundtracks for the video games: Army of Two, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, and Need for Speed: Carbon. Recently, Trevor Morris worked on the soundtrack for the Netflix show, Castlevania, based on the video game series. Castlevania (Music from the Netflix Original Series) is available digitally on iTunes.


How much of a timeframe did you have to work on the Castlevania Soundtrack and how challenging was it to work within those time constraints?
Time constraints weren't too bad, we wanted to make sure we nailed the tone,
Which is always the biggest challenge, especailly on the first episode.

Could you tell us about your process working on this soundtrack?

Its fairly straight forward, we reivew the episode with producers and decide what we are aiming at narratively and emotionally. Music is hard to talk about, so I just start writing and we have discussion about whats working and whats not.

What research did you have to do prior to working on this soundtrack to get prepared?

I really didn't do much, I wanted to go in a fresh and untainted as possible. They hired me for my point of view so I wanted to respect that going in.

What was one of your favorite moments working on Castlevania?
Well there is a charcter named Trevor in there, so there is that!

Castlevania Netflix Soundtrack

Were there any parts that were cut from the final soundtrack that you were sad to see go?
They're all like children in a way, but Im always too close to really tell and be objective

What advice would you offer for others looking to pursue a career into this field? (or in general)
I would suggest becoming an assistant to a working composer, learn all the things you can't learn from a book or from school.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Just how much fun we had working on this project, the chroma of the visuals was so inspiring!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions!
My pleasure.

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