Rune Factory 2 (DS) Interview

My name is Graham Markay, and I am the Vice President of Operations at Natsume Inc., as well as the US Product Manager for Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Please tell us about the newly featured modes available via WiFi.
There are three Wi-Fi modes in Rune Factory 2: Item Exchange, Monster Meadow and Sugoroku. Item Exchange is a returning feature from the previous title; however, this time, certain items will transform into better objects and weapons when you trade them. In Monster Meadow mode, players' pet monsters can meet and play with each other. This helps their characters grow a stronger bond with their monsters. Sugoroku is a board game for 2 to 4 players. Like the other Wi-Fi modes, though, it also has an impact on the main game. Depending on which tiles you land on, you can win items, get stat bonuses, or see your stats decrease.

What was your most challenging part of this project?
One of the more challenging parts of Rune Factory 2 was localizing the script. Rune Factory 2 is more than twice the size of the script of Rune Factory. There are even more characters and events this time around, and every character really has a lot of personality and great dialog. There's just so much great stuff there, it was a big responsibility to make sure that nothing got lost in translation.

Is there a particular part of the game that you are especially pleased with how it turned out?
The graphics are even more beautiful this time around. The environments are so lush and varied; you'll explore forests, tropical jungles, a treacherous icy mountain, and lots more. And each environment is just a joy to look at. The artists really outdid themselves on this one.

What new options does the multi-generational aspect of the game open up?
The multigenerational part of the game allows the player to follow the adventure of the main character and his child. New places and items will be available when playing the 2nd generation.

Is the game easy for newcomers to pick up and play and what returning features will be nostalgic for fans of the series?
Rune Factory 2 takes place in the same world many years later. There is a returning character from Rune Factory, and, throughout the game, there is mention of what happened with the first story. However, it is not necessary to have played the first game to fully enjoy the sequel.

The gameplay has been refined from the first one, so newcomers will have an even easier time picking up the gameplay, and returning players will appreciate a lot of the small refinements.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!