Pirates of Black Cove Interview

Interview with Producer, Brendon Neuwerth

Please tell us a little about yourself.

NG: Ok so, since Pirates of Black Cove is a team effort, everything from ideas, design, through to implementation has been a team effort so it's best if we intro the whole bunch as a group! All men on board. The core team have worked together on East India Company, Commander: Conquest of the americas, Woody Two-Legs, and now Pirates of Black Cove. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, so when we say team, we mean a team in the true sense of the word. Having paid the freight in previous years and having gone through the learning curves teams go through we feel that we've waxed what it takes to work together, and now with the Pirates of Black Cove dev cycle we have been able to focus on making it a game that we want to play and hopefully everyone else will want to play it as well!

Could you tell us about some of the 'wacky' land and sea weapons?

NG: Bottom Line, we got to thinking that the weapons of this era just weren't enough for our little piece of Pirate heaven, so we banged our heads together and came up with special weapons that just weren't found in the age of pirates, or if they were they just did not have the right voodoo component. Meaning one needs some magic going on to get your crew to volunteer as a human catapult, capable of destroying the enemy ship from the inside out, and then there are those homing rockets, part science but mainly magic both on land and sea. Also one needs to harvest quite a brew to get those fart bombs going!

Could you tell us more about the three pirate factions?

NG: Right, there's three different factions (well, four if you count Black Covians). First off there's the Pirate faction, these guys are your everyday pirates, pretty much average efficiency on all areas. Then there's Buccaneers, this faction relies on ranged combat and tries to avoid melee situations. Their ships also fire a bit farther that other faction ships. Lastly, there is the Corsairs, their speed makes them excellent in melee combat. They also possess the fastest ships. Then there is the bad to the bone Black Covians, these guys posses the skills of all three factions, only on steroids, and as an added bonus they live by no human code!

Which is your favorite?

NG: Again this being a team effort we have very many opinions since each faction has a little something that appeals to the individuals' in us, but it comes down to Jolie Roger, she sealed the deal for the Corsair faction, fast, efficient, and foxy!

What has been one of the biggest accomplishments of working on Pirates of Black Cove?

NG: For us as a company, its hands down being free of historical needs and a license to exaggerate a little, and put together something that not only keeps you engaged during playtime, but also keeps you smiling. As a close second we would lean towards the land battles, since all of our previous titles focused fighting on a naval level only, we are pretty proud of what we achieved on dry land too.

What is one thing that you would have liked to include in the game if you had more time?

NG: There are so many, but since we have to narrow it to one, then let's go with Ships racing for Slips Aaaar.

With the release date fast approaching, what is the game's current state?

NG: The finish line is visible, the game is pretty much at a ready state, so at this time the focus is on Polish, polish, polish, and on August 2nd we will focus hard on getting loaded to the gun whales Yaaaar.

Who would most appreciate Pirates of Black Cove?

NG: The mix is actually quite wide, but to narrow it a bit for the sake of answering the question, pretty much anyone who enjoyed Pirates! with the addition of engaging land elements and a humorous story to follow, oh and let's not forget them wacky weapons and jokes in a bottle.

What will you be working on next?

NG: Not really in a position to say too much.....other than to say, "its dark, its bloody, its adventurous, oh and its full of pirates."

Is there anything else you would like to add?

NG: Yes, firstly thanks for the opportunity to talk about our little piece of Pirate heaven, it has been a most excellent project to work on, and we can't wait to see it out there. Secondly, some advice to players:

You are going to want to checkout special weapons from the shipyard just in case you run into those Black Covians on the world level, and as a tip in the colonies, it's always good to keep an eye out for ambushes as things may not be as they seem. You'll also want to be keeping an eye out for jokes in a bottle for a light hearted laugh, or some rare ingredients for the mad alchemist, and just sometimes you may stumble across a few pieces of eight while exploring some of the land levels. Oh and beware of the monkeys they were there first!

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

NG: No worries mate!