Palm PSone Interview

Palm PSone Interview with Brian Gardiner

Would you please introduce yourself?
My name is Brian Gardiner. I live in California and much like many of your readers, spend about eight hours a day sitting at a desk. I'm just a regular guy..

When did you first start this project?
Back in February. I had a few other projects on the table, but I knew this one would have the most impact if I finished it a few months before the release of Sony's PSP so I got to work! The project has been complete for some time now, but the website was just recently discovered.

Has the Palm PSone been featured in any publications?
It's been featured in several online gaming websites and I have been contacted by editors of a couple of printed magazines, however it would be far too soon for the palmPSone to start showing up in print. This whole thing just started days ago. If you did a google search for "palmpsone" last Tuesday, it would have come back with zero hits. Today.. 4,900.

Have you run into any legal issues from Sony?
At this point I don't see how that's possible. Since I haven't sold any palmPSones, the project would still be considered a 'hobby'. If I were to sell [Palm PSones] in large quantities to vendors.. [it would be a] different story!

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions.
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