Marvel Avengers Academy Interview

Linnea Sage Interview - Marvel Avengers Academy

Linnea Sage provides the voice for Nebula (cybernetic assassin) and Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) in Marvel Avengers Academy. Colton Haynes, Dave Franco, Alison Brie, John Cena, Bella Thorne and others also provide voice work in the game.

Linnea Sage grew up near Boston, Massachusetts and found her passion for acting at a young age in stage productions. Sage moved to New York City to pursue acting after graduating from Brandeis University. She most known for starring in the web series, WildCats.

We had the fortunate opportunity to ask Linnea Sage some questions about her career and recent work including Marvel Avengers Academy.


Marvel Avengers Academy - Infinite Nebula

Could you tell us how the opportunity to do voice work for Marvel Avengers Academy came about?

LINNEA: I've worked on quite a few video games at this point, as well plenty of other voice over projects. TinyCo (the game creators) found me through a referral, and contacted me directly. After I voiced Nebula, they came back a few weeks later and told me I had been their favorite voice thus far, and asked if I'd like to voice another character. Obviously, I couldn't turn it down!

Could you tell us about one of your favorite experiences working on this particular project?

LINNEA: Probably being told I had been the favorite voice in the cast by the production company. It's so flattering and uplifting to learn that all of your training and work and practice is paying off. After the release of the two characters people would comment on forums and Reddit about how great my voices were. Someone even added me to the Wikipedia pages of these characters. It was really thrilling!

About how much time went into your voice work for Marvel Avengers Academy?

LINNEA: After I got the breakdown of the game and the characters, I did a bit of research, but I really wanted to make the characters my own. I tried not to let past actresses influence me. Just like any role I take on (voice work or on camera) I try to embody the character and let her live through me. Once you harness that, you really just say the lines.

What did it feel like once you unlocked your own character within the game?

LINNEA: Absolutely incredible. I did play the game all the way through to unlock both characters. It was surreal.

What percentage of your time do you typically spend doing voice over work?

LINNEA: Phew! A lot! I record every single day for different projects. I do a lot of voice acting and it's totally awesome.

You are also the lead in the web series, WildCats. What was it like working on that series?

LINNEA: Wildcats was such a dream. It's a series that I am so passionate about and care about so much. It is so funny and has such a great message. We are currently streaming on Fullscreen, and in September we will be airing OnDemand on DirecTV!

Photo Linnea Sage

What other recent projects can we find your work in?

LINNEA: I'll be co-starring in a new upcoming comedy webseries, which I am filming right now. That's all I can say about it right now. I also work on some comedy viral videos with my friends over at Pizza Time. You can definitely find out more about my upcoming work at Linnea.NYC!

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Fans can connect with me at:
twitter: @linneasage
insta: @linnayeahhh

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

Marvel Avengers Academy - Linnea Sage

Be sure to check out Marvel Avengers Academy on the Apple Store and Google Play.

You can also find Sage's third children's book, Yoganimals.

Yoganimals - Linnea Sage

WildCats can be viewed on Fullscreen's streaming network, on the app, and at

Be on the lookout for an upcoming original comedy series from Linnea Sage too!

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