Laxius Force (PC) Interview

Laxius Force is the latest installment of the Laxius RPG series for the PC. The game only costs $15 and is packed with over 100 quests and more than 500 locations. Laxius Force is a non-linear 2D RPG that is reminiscent of classic RPGs. We had the pleasure of chatting with the developer of the game, Indinera Falls. Check out the official Laxius Force website here, or check out the official forums here.

Could you tell us a little about your role in Laxius Force?
A small staff helped me along, although the story and game design is all my creation. As for me in particular, I enjoy creating all kind of things, including games (obviously), novels and songs. I started developing free games in 2001, most notably the popular Laxius Power trilogy, which was a huge success in its time. Laxius Force is the sequel of this saga and my first shareware game.

How many people were working on this game and how long did it take?
We were a small staff of three creative persons, plus a beta-tester.
Zeriab took care of the programming side of things (scripting basically) while Vince drew the character artworks. I did "the rest".
It took about two years of regular work to come up with this game.

Who would be interested in this RPG?
I hope loads of people. Seriously anybody who like the old-school RPGs such as Final Fantasy 3/6, Breath of Fire 2 or Phantasy Star 4, should give it a go.
Of course the fans of my old saga Laxius Power are a natural base for this new game, and so are the fans of other indie RPGs such as Aveyond.
And more generally anyone who wants a good challenge or an exploration game to spend a lot of time on. There are loads of items to find or collect, plenty of secret places to discover etc. I think the game is pretty addicting and rewards exploration.

What made you decide to go with this classic style of 2D graphics?
Hmmm I always liked the old games much more than the new ones. I don't particularly dig 3D, although it can render pretty well in some games. But old-school RPG have a kind of gameplay that fits very well to 2D graphics. Also in my opinion 2D graphics create a sense of artistic feel that 3D ones lack. And 3D characters do not look very good, if you ask me. I'll always value a good character drawing over some 3D work.

Are there any games, or other forms of entertainment, that have inspired Laxius Force?
In a direct way there is no real inspiration for this game, but indirectly I believe all the games I've played and liked crafted my vision of what a good RPG is: Phantasy Star 2-3-4, Shining Force 1-2-3, Might and Magic 6-7-8, Daggerfall, come first to mind... they all had their own influence to various degrees.
And of course LF was inspired by its predecessors Laxius Power 1-2-3, kind of honoring the Laxius brand of lengthy RPG games full of fun and secrets.

What was one of the major challenges in creating this game?
Making it all tie together - I tend to want to include too many things in my games, probably because I personally like very long and deep games.
Give me the idea to put guilds and I'll end up wanting to put 10 of them. That's the idea.
And of course fixing the glitches was one of the major challenges. A hard time but I had the wonderful help of my betatester Karks, and on the programming side Zeriab was just great as well to dodge the issues we faced.

Could you tell us about the involvement of humor / comic relief?
I would say this is a game for 13 years old people and more. It's quite irreverencial at times but never goes too far. The Laxius saga has always featured kind of colorful characters with smart or witty replies. It's a fully developed side of the game. And of course humor is a direct consequence of this particular attention.

Could you tell us about some of the effects used in the game?
Mostly the weather effects are used to create the appropriate mood of the game. It's about a country that is collapsing, entering a series of cataclysms, and the weather effects help a lot to convey that emotion, and sense of despair. On a side (and more practical) note, once you get the Geomancian skill, you can even use weather to your advantage. Other effects to set an appropriate atmosphere include darkness, thick fogs, sound effects, stuff like that.

Is there anything else you would like to say?
Well, thanks for reading, and if you like old-school RPGs, go to, and play Laxius Force! ^^ That was a very nice interview, thank you Jason, and hello to the readers of this lovely website!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us!
You are very welcome. :)