Interview with Lucky Day's Joshua Javaheri

1. Could you please tell us a little about yourself if your own words?
I have always been a unique person. Since I could remember I've had the courage to stand out from the crowd and share my thoughts and opinions. I try to live a life where if I died tomorrow I would have accomplished or tried to accomplish my ambitions. Those ambitions including building a successful company that has an impact on hundreds of millions of people. I am also an emotional person that is constantly looking for meaning in everything I do because meaning and moments shape a great life.

2. What skills and lessons did you take from your time at Boston University into your business ventures?
The lesson I took away was to "just start". If you want to build a company, the first thing you need to do is just start and change things quick. Do not work on something for months, if it is not working - iterate.

3. What did you learn from your first business venture that was a protein bar company?
I learned that my passion needs to align with the business I am building. Even though I love working out and eating protein bars, I was not passionate about baking donuts or the process of creating a bar. Early on I didn't understand the need for industry knowledge and that is something I definitely lacked when going into that business.

4. Can you tell us what sparked the idea for the Lucky Day App?
During my time in Boston a main topic of conversation was startups and building great mobile apps. When thinking about great ideas to purse I thought about ideas that I thought could acquire tons of attention and reach a user base of over 100 million. I thought about some of my favorite things to do and one of those things was going to arcades when I was kid. I loved the fact that you could win prizes that could somehow be sold for cash. Then I thought if their is a way to bring all that excitement to users without any of the risk and thats when this idea of allowing people to play free games to win real money was born.

5. How was the App developed?
I hired a team in Los Angeles when I went back for the summer to begin building the first version of Lucky Day.

6. How were you able to convince the advertisers to work with you?
Currently, we have spoken to numerous advertisers, but have not been selling ad space yet because the focus is to first create a better user experience.

7. What's next for Lucky Day?
The next step for Lucky Day is working on making the games more exciting and adding in a new game. That new game, Blackjack, will be joining Lucky Day by January 2016!

8. What plans do you have for the future that you can tell us about?
We plan on making Lucky Day the go to place for mobile games and entertainment.

9. What would be your best business advice for other entrepreneurs?
The best advice would be to build the best team you can! At the end of the day if things go wrong with the idea because it isn't a good idea you can always pivot until you find something that sticks, but you need a great team in order to execute once you find that idea. It's all about the TEAM! Make sure they are the best people for your startup. It always isn't the smartest person, but is someone that is a great fit for the culture of the startup and brings a unique value to the team.

10. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I am a huge believer in living life to the fullest because at the end of the day we are all going to end up in the same place, so why not take full advantage while you are on the earth.

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