Growlanser: Heritage of War Interview

Who happens to be your favorite character in the game and why?

A: My favorite character would be Villager #19... Just kidding! *laughs*
It would be Korin, the fairy. She's cute and a capable sidekick.

Could you tell us about the troop command system?
A: Since you're playing as only one character, you can only directly control yourself. Your other party members will act on their own, but you can give them some guidelines, like how often they should use magic or which enemies they should be going after. If you want a party member to perform a specific action, you can pause combat and tell them at any time.

We hear that Heritage of War is nearing completion, what is being done at this point in time?

A: Mainly post-production, such as packaging, marketing, and whatnot.

Could you tell us a bit more about the art book(covering all Growlanser titles) that will come with the special edition?

A: The art book's official title is "Illustration Archive." It contains 100 pages of Satoshi Urushihara's art. It covers art from the Growlanser games 1 through 5. Character art, landscapes, posters, etc. This is the first time North American gamers will be able to see a lot of it.

Would you give us an idea of some of the specifics on the multimedia disc?

A: The disc contains a few movies and some Growlanser: HoW trivia. There are a lot of fun facts about the game... but I strongly recommend that you wait until you're finished with the game to view it.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

A: Growlanser: Heritage of War is a tactical RPG combined with quick action and many fun elements. Secret characters, extra scenarios, deep character customization, an arsenal of minigames, multiple endings associated with the friendship system, and so on... Hope you'll love it!