Eagle Eye Golf Interview

Eagle Eye Golf Interview - Aksys Games

with Gail Salamanca

Would you introduce yourself for us?

A: Hi, my name is, Gail Salamanca and I am the Director of Marketing for Aksys Games.

How long did you work for Atlus USA before joining Aksys Games?

A: I was with Atlus USA for nearly a decade and before that I was with the now defunct Virgin Interactive.

Aksys Games was founded in January 2006. Could you tell us a little about the company?

A: Aksys was started by Akibo Shieh, also an ex-Atlus staffer, as a localization company specializing in Japanese to English translation of games and anime. Some of our clientele include InterOne Inc., Namco Bandai Games as well as Atlus. However, the opportunity came along with Eagle Eye Golf to become a full-fledged publisher, so we took the leap and here we are.

How much time has been spent on localization for Eagle Eye Golf and what is it's current progress? Is the game still on target for an October 10th release?

A: Actually very little localization was needed since it was localized for the European market and required only minor changes such as the British English spelling of certain words. The game is still on schedule for an October 10th release and is very close to going gold.

Why was Eagle Eye Golf chosen as your first title to work with?

A: There were several reasons why we chose EEG to start off with. One of the main reasons is that we thought it was fun, solid title with a lot of replay value. Also, since this was our first project we didn't want to break the bank on our first title and spend half a year localizing, say a huge RPG. So, it also made a lot of sense financially.

What is your favorite aspect of Eagle Eye Golf?

A: My favorite aspect of Eagle Eye Golf would have to be its robust course editor. You can literally spend days just creating your own dream courses or recreating real world ones.

Could you tell us a bit about what players' will be able to do with the course editor?

A: Like I said before the course editor is very robust and you can pretty much do anything to your heart’s desire. You can adjust everything from elevation, the shape of sand traps and water, to putting down individual plants and trees. Which you can then save to a memory card and share your creation with friends.

To what extent will you be able to customize your character?

A: Outside of the typical and clothing and appearance choices, the user can build their character in an RPG like manner in that you earn points to distribute amongst your characters attributes like power and the size of their impact point. Also, depending on your skill with the swing meter you can also power up the clubs, balls and accessories you can equip on your character by consistently getting an “Excellent” rating during your swings.

Do you have any other titles in the works and are you planning to work with the next-generation consoles?

A: We do have another title currently in the pipe, but unfortunately we cannot comment what it is at this time.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

A: We have some big plans for next year, so keep a look out for our upcoming announcements!

As always, thank you for taking the time to chat with us.

A: You’re welcome!