Dead or Alive: Dimensions Interview

Dead or Alive Dimensions

Interview with Yosuke Hayashi, director of Team NINJA.

1. Fighting games seem to be on the rise again. Is that initially what prompted you to develop a new title?
Yeah, you can definitely say that this was also the case. For us, though, it was more of a case that we wanted to realize a new form of the fighting game genre and luckily hardware that could help us achieve that came out at this time.

2. What was it like developing for the 3DS?
It was a real fun experience, actually. We developed the game as the hardware itself was also developing so we had to be really flexible during development. Because of this, the game's content changed quite a lot during the development process. The whole team was satisfied with our achievement on the project and we all think that we were able to make something pretty good.

3. Did you design the cut-scenes around the fact they would be in 3D?
There are some cutscenes which we made to show off in 3D, but not all of the cutscenes were made this way. During development we realized that focusing too much on the 3D effect will tire you out too much and take your attention from the actual gameplay. We wanted players to feel the 3D effect naturally so we decided to focus on making better 3D effects in cutscenes where it was really needed.

4. Was it hard for you to get back into the fighting aspect after previously working on casual titles?
This project was something that we came up with ages ago, so many of our team members were always obsessing about making a fighting game. For these guys, it was no problem getting back into the zone. I gotta tell you, all these guys do is play fighting games during their break time...

5. Can gamers expect some new surprises we haven't seen yet?
We managed to get some interesting features through SpotPass. We want all our gamers to be excited about the game even after it comes out, so keep your eye out on SpotPass everyday after you get the game. There might be some surprises in there for you...

6. DOA has always been known for having the most gorgeous most... constructed female fighters of any game. Now they're on a 3D screen. Do you worry that may be too much for some gamers to handle?
Now you can almost "feel" all your favorite DOA girls in DOAD. We can only hope that this "experience" does not ruin your everyday "real" lives.

7. Did you work closely with Nintendo for Dead or Alive Dimensions?
We communicated with Nintendo very closely on this project. Because of this communication I feel that we were able to incorporate almost all the 3DS features into DOAD.

8. Samus is not a playable character. Do you have plans to introduce another guest?
DOAD is a collector's item for the DOA fan, so we purposely left any guest characters out of the equation. In DOAD we have the non-playable characters from the past DOA series playable for the first time ever, so make sure you check out this DOA all-star lineup.

9. Is there anything else you would like to say?
The concept of DOAD is "One more time, One more fight." This is for those of you who became distant from fighting games over time. I was exactly this type of player myself! I think that all of you will be able to grasp and get your teeth into what we have to offer here. I'm really excited that I can finally get back into fighting games, and I hope that we can all meet online in DOAD.