For Honor Interview

Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans Interview

For Honor Soundtrack

Could you tell us how the opportunity came up to work on the soundtrack of For Honor?
Ubisoft read about us in Indiwire's "top up and coming film composers” and reached out to us!

How long did this project take?
About 8 months start to finish

What would you say an average day was working on For Honor?
Always different! One day we might be recording drums in a field in Pennsylvania, another in a San Francisco studio recording Mark Deutsch on the Bazantar, or perhaps in Brooklyn recording a male choir! But of course course many days just editing in front of a computer!

Could you tell us about one of your favorite moments from working on this soundtrack?
The drum recording was a pretty epic experience... We recorded them outdoors to try and get the sound as "battlefield authentic" as possible. People involved in recording know might know how difficult recording outside is - we were thrilled with the results. It took a lot of testing mic placements and drum placements to find the right sound, but in the end we think we achieved something truly unique.

Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans

How does working on a video game project compare to other types of projects?
In scoring a game you're dealing with a lot of music. For honor was challenging in that it was almost like scoring 3 games, each faction (Knights, Samurai, and Vikings) having their own sonic world. There are so many different types of score going on (gameplay, menus, cutscenes...) We needed to keep everything very carefully organized and make sure the overall sound of the game was evolving, epic, symphonic, and related.

What lead you on the path of becoming a composer?
Danny and I had been playing in a band for 8 years before we fell into film scoring. The music of our band "Priestbird" was very dramatic and sometimes cinematic so we had done a lot of experimenting with layering strings and textures in the studio to create orchestral landscapes. In 2007 we were asked by a friend to score his feature length film Two Gates Of Sleep. The film did quite well in the indie/art film world, premiering at Cannes and playing a lot of other festivals, from there we were asked to do Martha Marcy May Marlene and Enemy soon after. We've been quite busy ever since!

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