Asguaard  Interview

Interview with Aldorlea Games about Asguaard

Q: What is the main story behind Asguaard?

A: Somewhere, somehow, the Pandora Box has been opened. A series of devastating plagues each worse than the other are on their way tearing apart the lands and creatures before them. The magical inhabitants of Asguaard (Fairies, Dwarves and legendary creatures) are powerless to prevent this tragedy yet they know who might.

A committee of Fairies gathers at Asguaard's highest village - their immense task is to summon a creature able to achieve miracles, a creature read about in the oldest of books, a creature that is in possession of something that the Asguaard kind can only dream of and hold in awe. What it possesses is a soul and the creature is - a human!

In this game you will join the fight for Asguaard, a tale of friendship, passion and heroism.

Q: Which character are you most attached to in Asguaard?

A: I would say Rayanne or Grom. The first because she is the one who evolves the most in the game: she starts as a scared, weakened girl and ends up as the leader of the party.

The second because although he claims to have no soul, he never stops believing and guiding the party and ultimately leads them to the final confrontation with their enemy.

Q: How does Asguaard compare to other games from Aldorlea Games?

A: Asguaard is much bigger. The world map is huge and very open-ended. It is also a stand-alone game, featuring a full quest from A to Z, unlike a chaptered series like Millennium. Similarly, this game features few sidequests, focusing mainly on an enthralling story.

In Asguaard, RPG lovers will be given the chance to dive again into an epic RPG such as those of the late Super Nes and Megadrive/Genesis.

Q: Which other RPGs does Asguaard goes its inspiration?

A: Mostly said 16-bits RPG from the Sega and Nintendo consoles, like Shining Force or Final Fantasy.

There is no influence in particular though.

Q: Could you tell us about some of the dungeons that are encountered throughout the game?

A: One word for them: BIG.

While most people are trying to over simplify games so that "everyone" can play them, Asguaard does not take this road.

It has complex dungeons that require a lot of attention. If you're in for a challenge, this is the game for you!

Also, dungeons are very diverse: some feature gorgeous mountain panoramas, while others are set in creepy underground caves full of spiders.

Q: Which elements of the game make Asguaard stand out among similar RPGs?

A: I would say its magnitude, the size of its maps, it stylized quest and magical universe (made mainly of Dwarves and Fairies), and the way you can customize your characters by teaching them specific skills such as Scout, to prevent being surprised by the enemy, Path Finding, to find the right way to go in dungeons, Boss Fury, to release your anger against bosses, and so on - there are literally tens of skills your characters can learn!

Q: How much time did this game take to develop?

A: It took from 6 to 8 months. I've been releasing RPGs since 2001 and became quite fast at developing them, so I can say Asguaard was the longest game I've had to make in a long time, along with Laxius Force III (soon to be released).

Q: What types of locations will players be able to explore in this world?

A: Asguaard takes place in a huge land, so there will be many, many types of places, especially including the secret locations that can be found throughout the game (more than 200!).

In a nutshell: snowy mountains, crystal caves, frozen woods, ancient shrines, jaded mountains, foggy swamps, lost islands, even the centre of the world!

Told you, lots of places to explore!

Q: What is the next project that you will be working on?

A: Laxius Force III is my next project, soon to be released (late August).

This game will follow up the events of Laxius Force II and conclude the Laxius Force trilogy.

Fans will finally get the chance to meet the dreaded and dreadful Grand Commendanter!

Also, they will be able to import their savefile into the new game, given they did complete Laxius Force II.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say?

A: Thanks for your interview, Jason, good luck with your website!

And to all RPG lovers all around the world, pssttt, come visit

We've got a lot of fantastic 2D RPGs!

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!