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"Gaming at its finest!"

We are here to provide our fellow gamers with the latest and greatest in video game and entertainment coverage.

We are a group of video game enthusiasts that live and breathe video games and have come together to provide leading coverage of video games and other forms of entertainment.

We believe in cultivating and bring the best quality content that can be offered for your viewing pleasure. We provide - in one convenient location - the latest video game news, high quality video game reviews, exclusive interviews, thousands of galleries of screenshots, and much more!


Thank you for taking the time to visit Realm of Gaming. We would not be here, if it weren't for you, our visitors.

Video games have become a mainstream form of entertainment up there with movies and music. We continue to bring coverage of the happenings in the realm of video games.

Realm of Gaming, like most successful websites, had humble beginnings. We started as a personal site of a game lover, called "Jason's Gaming Realm". The early site ran off a simple page builder hosted by Geocities, back before Yahoo! bought Geocities.

To make a long story short, the name shortened, the code evolved, and the site grew. Realm of Gaming was born. The domain name, realmofgaming.com, was purchased in September of 2001. Later the focus of our site turned from video game cheats and codes to more unique content. We started serving video game reviews, news and interviews.

Realm of Gaming has had its ups and downs, but has leveled into what it is today. As a gaming site, we are dedicated to bringing you top-notch game coverage everyday. We have a great staff, an always rising reader-base, and we are growing everyday. Our vision is to be your number one source for all your gaming needs.

Realm of Gaming - circa 2001

Realm of Gaming - circa 2004